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Become a member of Wairoa River Landcare based in Clevedon. Volunteer in our Nursery
We meet Monday evening (every eight weeks) at the McNicol Homestead.

Membership rewards – Help and advice with revegetation and restoration planting on your land – funding from organisations that only make grants to community groups.

What we offer to members:

  • Contribute to environmental project projects in the Clevedon/Wairoa area.
  • Meet some great like-minded people who want to protect and care for the local environment.
  • Free or cheap native plants for your own planting projects.
  • Receive information on funding projects.
  • Obtain advice on your restoration project.
  • Chemicals and drills for weed and willow tree control.
  • Hear guest speakers and visit other native projects.

Membership costs just $20 annually

To join Contact Us or download our subscription form
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Protect your waterways and bush remnants. WRL helps support this by providing plants from our nursery for projects on private land. By joining the group and helping out with propagation, seed collection etc group members can directly benefit from the nursery.

Recognise your natural habitats, for example, white bait breeding grounds on the tidal toe. WRL can help with planting etc., to include sanctuaries for birds offering food and shelter for nesting, with the flow on impact this has in promoting biodiversity amongst insects etc.; stream planting to improve water quality and enhance environments supportive of eels and macro invertebrates and whitebait.

We support planting days on private and public land. If a landowner wants help from the group to plant this should be promoted as a WRL planting day.

We help with pest control by providing bait stations, and pest off is sometimes available free through the WRL. In addition, some members have offered to shoot pest for other land owners.