August 2017 Round Up

Subscriptions Now Due – Just $20 per family

Please pay direct to our ANZ account  01-0234-0104478-00
Write your name and initial in the reference box.  
Alternatively, pay by cheque to Wairoa River Landcare Inc. and post to WRL c/o J Sexton, 521d Clevedon-Kawakawa Bay Road, RD5, PAPAKURA. 2585.
We need your membership and support to sustain our organisation.
Your membership adds weight to our submissions and influence. Your ideas and enthusiasm all help the small hardworking committee with the increasing activities. There is a lot going on.
We are working with the Catchment Steering Group on implementing Action Plans and Projects. These include:

  • Supporting landowner’s own projects;
  • Setting up cluster groups for planting, weed and pest control;
  • Organising Planting Days and Adopt-a-Spot community groups to look after planted areas;
  • Working with Healthy Waters, Council and river users to improve the water quality;
  • Liaising with Sustainable Business Network on the Million Metres crowd funding programme.
  • The nursery needs helpers to keep it going
  • Submissions opposing Fulton Hogan (McNicol Rd) Quarry expansion consent applications and complaints to Council about the recent destruction of a tributary of the Wairoa River need to be followed up.
  • The areas along McNicol Road planted earlier need weeding and more plantings.

Wairoa River Landcare and the Catchment Steering Group

The Steering Group was established as a result of successful efforts by WRL to involve the Franklin Local Board and gain funding for a coordinator and projects to improve not only the River but the whole catchment. The work involved was seen to be beyond the ability of the WRL alone. The huge amount of work involved in producing an Action Plan and Work Programme could not have been achieved without the Coordinator, support of other Council staff and members of the Group. WRL is well represented and fully support its continued efforts to implement the plans. The future role of the WRL and the Steering Group are being discussed.  Meanwhile, WRL still needs members and their support, so please, re-join or join up NOW.

Our Aims and What We Have Achieved So Far….


  • To protect and conserve the Wairoa River environment for the benefit of the river, the community, the public and for future generations;
  • To help local people and organisations work together in planning and implementing sustainable management programmes for the Wairoa River catchment;
  • To seek funding support for such programmes;
  • To invite resource people and/or organisations to assist with activities and to commission appropriate monitoring and resource programmes to share information.
  • Support for funding from organisations that only make grants to community groups.


  • Gained Franklin Local Board support in forming a Working Group with a funded coordinator;
  • Made submissions on the Fulton Hogan Quarry expansion application;
  • Set up a web site;
  • Established and run our nursery and produced many thousands of plants;
  • Distributed the plants for re-vegetation of numerous public and private sites in the catchment;
  • Completed a survey of landowners of bordering the River and a detailed report on the results;
  • Supported members’ applications for funding for weed control and planting projects
  • Provided bait stations and traps for pest control.


  • For farmers: Shade, shelter, fodder for your stock; timber and for fencing, buildings etc.
  • For all landowners: Increased value of your property by reduced erosion, enriched landscape, income from sales for
  • timber and fuel.
  • For the environment: Improved water quality from filtering, shading, reducing runoff and enhanced habitat for native fish and fauna.

  • For all of us: A more attractive and better place to live, work and play.
  • For the economy: A sustainable source of materials for artifacts, buildings, furniture, fittings, eco fuel and employment in silviculture, harvesting, processing, manufacturing industries.

Other WRL News

Clevedon Reserve community planting 25th June.
This is the first project to be carried out under the Steering Group’s Action Plan, organized by Coordinator Katie Jones. The work involved by her, Council staff, WRL members and all those good people who gave their time on Sunday to plant 800 trees along the banks of the Taitaia stream is very much appreciated.
Te Whangai Trust.
Gary & Adrienne Dalton, founders of the Trust, gave us an inspiring talk at our AGM about the origins of the Trust and the work they do in helping unemployed and people at risk find employment and change their lives by providing experience and establishing work ethics at their nurseries. Their key message is that it is up to the community, not the Government, to help these young people.  As well as the nursery at their farm in Miranda, they now run nurseries at Glenbrook, Pukekohe and Mount Roskill at a decile 1 school. Visit their website,  for full details, including the plants they have for sale and their planting services.
A big thank you to Z ENERGY who presented us with a cheque for $800 from their GOOD IN THE HOOD fund. Their staff also offered their help with planting and environmental projects in the community.

Convenors Report


The report is now available on our website HERE