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Wairoa River Landcare Inc

Wairoa River Landcare (WRL) is an Incorporated Society formed in 2010 in response to concerns and interest in protecting and improving the environment associated with the Wairoa River and catchment.

WRL comprises local landowners and interested parties who share a vision to improve water quality of the Wairoa river and its tributaries and improve access for recreational purposes.
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Why does it need restoring?

Pest plant species such as crack willow (Salix fragilis ) and privet (Ligustrum lucidum and L.sinense) choke the waterways, which has a detrimental effect on water flow. Removing these pest plant species and replacing them with native vegetation reduces erosion, provides shade, and improves water quality for aquatic species such as whitebait.

What we have achieved:

  1. Established a Nursery and produced 4000 plants.
  2. Distributed the plants for re-vegetation of numerous sites in the district.
  3. Completed a survey of landowners bordering the river and compiled a report.
  4. Started destroying crack willow along the river banks.
  5. Supported restoration planting on members wetlands.
  6. Applied for and received funding for above projects.
  7. Made submissions to council on restoring the river.


  • Bridge-to-Bridge Project (B2B). This is a long-term plan by WRL to facilitate action to enhance the natural environment around the riparian areas of the Wairoa river, between Tourist Road and Clevedon. This involves 7km of river. Our aim is to work with landowners, Council, organisations and interested parties, to control weeds, plant native trees, and protect the river from stock access. This will improve water quality, help control erosion, reduce flood risk and increase recreational opportunities for everyone.


  • Crack Willow Control. This is included in the B2B project but is more widely focussed along the entire Wairoa River. WRL is actively partnering with different landowners and organisations to gradually reduce or remove this invasive weed and replace it with more ecological and sustainable plants, for erosion-control and biodiversity protection/enhancement.


  • Plant Nursery. WRL received funding from Transpower and Auckland Council to establish a native plant nursery. The nursery can grow up to 1500 plants per annum to assist local landowners protect and restore natural areas. The propagation and growing-on of plants is through the voluntary efforts of WRL members and supporters.


  • McNicol Road Riparian Planting.



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