Wairoa River Landcare Inc.

Welcome to the Wairoa!

The Wairoa River is the second largest river in the Auckland region. It runs south - southwest from its headwaters in the Hunua Ranges, where it is impounded by the Wairoa Dam to form one of several reservoirs that supplies Aucklands water needs. It then turns northward, falling over the Hunua Falls before veering northeastward at Clevedon. Finally it winds through an estuary to reach its entrance to the Hauraki Gulf at Pouto Point.

Wairoa River Landcare Clevedon is an Incorporated Society formed in 2010 in response to concerns and interest in protecting and improving the environment associated with the Wairoa River and catchment. It comprises of local landowners and interested parties who share a vision to improve water quality of the Wairoa river and its tributaries and improve access for recreational purposes.

Aims and Objectives of WRL include:

  • To protect and conserve the Wairoa River environment for the benefit of the river, the community, the public and future generations.
  • To help local people and organisations work together in planning and implementing sustainable management programmes for the lower Wairoa River and riparian margins.
  • To seek funding support for such programmes.
  • to invite resource people and/or organisations to assist with activities and to commission appropriate monitoring and resource programmes to share information.


Why does it need restoring?
Pest plant species such as crack willow (Salix fragilis ) and privet (Ligustrum lucidum and L.sinense) choke the waterways, which has a detrimental effect on water flow. Removing these pest plant species and replacing them with native vegetation reduces erosion, provides shade, and .....

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The WRL nursery has produced over 4000 plants, which have been distributed for re-vegetation projects throughout the district. The propagation and growing on of plants is made possible by the voluntary efforts of WRL members and supporters.......

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Get Involved

Protect your waterways and bush remnants. WRL helps support this by providing plants from our nursery for projects on private land. By joining the group and helping out with propagation, seed collection etc group members can directly benefit from the nursery.
Recognise your natural habitats, for example, white bait breeding grounds on the tidal toe.

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